Tuesday, 5 April 2011

hi im gay ;]

hi just thought i would create a blog about me coming out as gay EVENTUALLY! can anyone offer me any advice? all input from anyone will be taken in DEEP to the fullest extent ;P

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  1. Hey longboymatti, in my unbelivably tiny experience the best thing you can do to. Start is get the support of someone close to you...how you do this is up to you...now I know that it's hard, I mean when I first came out to my sister it was tough, I almost gave up...but when I told her about myself she reacted disbelivably, but then accepted me straight off. Who you choose matters a lot...for example I've only told about five people so far, and all of them I can trust...for you it should be one of your closest friends, someone you can talk to anything about, someone who trusts you as much as you do them, and someone who will not betray your confidence to someone else. One thing to be is discreet, and even subtle, make sure you introduce the topic with an "ice breaker" ... Something to start a difficult conversation, and if you can't think of any then there are plenty of websites that you can look at, even just google it.

    Hope this helps...